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Grab a Guiness! Great Irish Drinking Songs
List of some popular bands who perform great Irish Drinking Songs. As well as links to free music downloads of some of these Irish Drinking Songs.

Songs of Ireland - Irish Folk Songs & St Patrick's Day Music
A Brobdingnagian Bards CD featuring an hour's worth of great Irish Drinking Songs and music for St. Patrick's Day. This is a must for everyone of Irish descent.

Soul of a Harper - Celtic Songs on the Autoharp
My first solo CD. This song features a mix of Irish drinking songs, Scottish folk songs, and some beautiful, original Celtic ballads.

Brobdingnagian Bards - Free Celtic Music MP3s & Irish Drinking Songs
The Original Celtic Renaissance, my group, the Brobdingnagian Bards have become one of the most-popular Celtic folk music groups online.

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
Marc Gunn's award-winning show of Celtic music from around the glob.


Links to Cat Songs & Links

Cat CDs & Songs
A purr-fect blend of songs about cats by cat fanciers and Irish music lovers.

Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary
Encouraging all members of every community to engage in responsible animal guardianship. The Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary is located outside of Portland, Oregon.

Maow Care - Cat Sitting and Behavioral Therapy
Maow Care is the first pet company in Ireland specialised in cat care to provide all round services to make sure our feline friends have the best they can get.

The Cats Purr for Healing
Another interesting tidbit about the power of cat purring. Boy, I need to compile my own cat purring album.

Jamie Anderson - When Cats Take Over the World
Jamie is a brilliant songwriter who wrote IMHO the definitive cat song called, "When Cats Take Over the World". It's on her Never Assume album.

St. Gertrude - Patron Saint of Cats
Not only is St. Gertrude the Patron Saint of Cats, her holy day is also the same day as St. Patrick's. It's as if there's some divine plan for this cat CD.

Infinite Cat Project
Take a picture of a cat looking at the computer and then add a picture of a cat looking at on a computer and continue to infinity and you have one of the cutest nonsensical websites on the net.

The place where cats send their humans.

Cats & Kittens at
Get the latest cat news, kitten raising tips, and articles from the editors of CAT FANCY magazine. See cat breed profiles, the cat photo gallery and get cat adoption information. Take cat polls & quizzes, send cat e-cards and make your catís own Webpage.



This CD is independently produced expensive to create. To make this album come true, I'm accepting pre-orders. You will get your CD before the "official" October release, plus, some cool gifts in the process. Adopt Your Cat CD Now!







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