This morning I woke up with Torre, my grey tabby cat, sleeping on my legs. His head perked up. His eyes were fixed in the direction of the bedroom door. In walked Tiziano, my brown tabby. I could feel Torre's legs brace against me and saw his ears fall back. Then *vroosh* with a magnificent leap he flew at Tiziano and tackled him. Tiziano shot up and raced away.

What inspiration! It's moments like those that inspired me to record a CD for cat lovers like me. And I was happy to find that others found Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers as inspiring as I did. You can help me continue producing cat songs...




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I have released eight albums with cats songs on them that are available for adoption. You can buy all of my albums in my store. Your purchase will help me to keep creating new music.

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers: The original CD that struck the imagination of cat lovers everywhere. It combines Irish drinking songs with my love of cats.

album cover Whiskers in the Jar: The fantastic follow-up to the highly successful cats and Celtic music themed CDs. Irish songs rewritten about cats and beautifully produced.

Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover's Companion Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover's Companion: All the original Irish drinking songs that were parodied on “Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers”. It’s newly-released with a brand new cover to celebrate Marc’s newly restarted Celtic music career.

Cat Songs and Celtic Music Live at the Cactus Cafe: CDBaby Editor’s Pick — The “Weird Al” of Irish music returns with a live version of his top-selling CDs "Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers".

Excellent Irish music whether you love cats or not
"These are great musicians, complete with furry backup singers, and this is a very professional CD. These people know their music and know their kitties. I purchased this CD for my father who loves Celtic music and is also a cat fanatic. Who would have thought I would find both in such a delightful CD?"

Cat Songs Cat Songs: Celtic cat songs live on with this EP combining several pre-recorded songs that will be reborn in a new cat lovers CD.

Cat Songs Irish Pub Songs Companion: A cat walks into an Irish pub, climbs into the lap of the autoharp in the Irish seisun and falls asleep to some of the best traditional Irish songs.

New Kilted Celtic Comedy Music CD from Marc Gunn. Kilted For Her Pleasure: Do you love kilts? Celtic music? Do you love to laugh? You're in luck! Enjoy Marc Gunn's Kilted Celtic comedy music for the playfully demented Celtic music fan. Get ready to guffaw with a healthy dose of laughter, the best medicine for any Celtic music lover.

Don't Go Drinking With HobbitsDon't Go Drinking With Hobbits: There you are at the Sign of the Prancing Pony in Bree, when you hear the sounds of rollicking song inside. You push open the heavy oak door to see small hobbits dancing on the bar, spilling beer and singing at the top of their lungs. Little did you know that there are scores of great hobbit drinking songs. Marc Gunn, The Celtfather, met up with Daisy Brambleburr of Bindbale Wood (aka Rie Sheridan Rose) in Hobbiton to discuss and share the drinking songs of the hobbits. He came back with a plethora of great songs and tunes to share in his newest album.

I also have a brand new Cats n Celts USB. It features over 10 albums, including almost all of my Celtic Cat songs. Plus a booklet where you can hear the origin stories of many of these songs. Save 40% off this music.

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