A Cat's Patron Saint of... MILK! Mew!

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The Celtic Cat Lover's newsletter from Torre Gunn, one of the founders of the Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers hit music series. In loving memory of Tiziano.

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No dignity snuggling with dog stuffed animals.Mew. Jenga here. I can't believe I missed the mews. Marc just told me that St. Patrick's Day is also St. Gertrude's Day. She was the patron of saint of cats.

What a shame! I could've drunk some green milk... or any milk... Why won't they give me milk! Mmm.... milllk...

Instead, my St. Gertrude's Day was spent sleeping on Marc's kilt. His shows were over the weekend before the 17th. It was so nice of him to leave it on the floor to me.

Though I don't know why he yanked out from underneath me so quickly and hung it over the stair railing. I guess he wanted to remember to take it to the cleaners. Whatever. It was a good day.

It got even better when Mommy came home with some cupcakes and sushi for Marc's birthday. They laid a blanket in the middle of the living room and had a picnic. I snuck close and came away with a little sushi myself. I don't think they missed it at all.

Mew. Time to nap.

"Catnip for Cat Lovers! Knowing all these songs well, Marc does a fabulous job in the feline filk. Meowr! Meowr! The music is beautifully done, and the lyrics will make you laugh--and hug your cat." - Lisa Zingsheim


Irish Drinking Songs for Cat LoversTorre filled me in on the details about how successful Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers is. The album was first released in 2005, nine years ago. Can you believe it?

In that time, over 6000 copies of the CD have sold. Plus, it is still the #1 top-selling album in the Celtic Music CD Store.

It is so successful that Marc decided this year to start performing cat shows at some of the Renaissance festivals and conventions that he performs at.

No doubt they are some of his best shows. He even has a show at a cat shelter in Atlanta, GA on April 12th (details coming soon here).

I can't wait until he records his album Sea Shanties for Cat Lovers. I will definitely get my chance to make recording history as a meower! Yawnnnn. If I'm awake enough to record for it.

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I got to sleep on Marc's kilt. Now it's your turn...

  • Take a picture of your cat lying on a funny object or in an amusing position and share it!

  • If you can edit the picture and add catdrinkingsongs.com to the photo, Awesome! If not, no worries.

  • Post the picture on Facebook (or your favorite social network).

  • Include a link to www.catdrinkingsongs.com and the hashtag #CATMUSIC

I can't wait to see the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

- Jenga
and Torre Gunn, lead meower of The Dubliners' Tabby Cats

To love is human. To purr, divine.


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Torre is a tabby cat and lead meower. Jenga is a large tuxedo cat. Rainy is beautiful Siamese princess. They own a simple-minded human named Marc Gunn, a Celtic geek musician and podcaster who writes cat songs.

The main reason they bother to keep him around is because he entertains them now and then and isn't too hard to take care of. They all perform together with The Dubliners' Tabby Cats.