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This morning I woke up with Torre, my grey tabby cat, sleeping on my legs. His head perked up. His eyes were fixed in the direction of the bedroom door. In walked Tiziano, my brown tabby. I could feel Torre's legs brace against me and saw his ears fall back. Then *vroosh* with a magnificent leap he flew at Tiziano and tackled him. Tiziano shot up and raced away.

What inspiration! It's moments like those that inspired me to record a CD for cat lovers like me. And I was happy to find that others found Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers as inspiring as I did. You can help me continue producing cat songs...

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Get the Celtfather Classics USB. It features all Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers, Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover's Companion, Whiskers in the Jar, and Live at the Cactus Cafe, plus a ton of other Marc Gunn CDs all for one low price.

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Eight CDs with Cat Songs Available for Adoption

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat LoversIrish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover's Companionalbum coverCat Songs and Celtic Music
Cat SongsCat SongsNew Kilted Celtic Comedy Music CD from Marc Gunn.New Kilted Celtic Comedy Music CD from Marc Gunn.


Excellent Irish music whether you love cats or not
"These are great musicians, complete with furry backup singers, and this is a very professional CD. These people know their music and know their kitties. I purchased this CD for my father who loves Celtic music and is also a cat fanatic. Who would have thought I would find both in such a delightful CD?"



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