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The Celtic Cat Lover's newsletter from Torre Gunn, one of the founders of the Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers hit music series. In loving memory of Tiziano.

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Torre reads Beatrix Potter tooI have wanted to get the Cat Drinking Tails newsletter back up and running for a few years now. I enjoyed working with Tizi and Torre to bring you the latest news. However, there were a LOT of changes in the past few years that many readers may not know about. So I thought I'd give you a, sort of, recap of life with The Dubliners' Tabby Cats and the humans who love them.

Torre is still the lead meower of The Dubliners' Tabby Cats. He stands as a formidable tabby cat with a thousand-yard stare sketched forever on his face.

My name is Marc Gunn. I'm a Celtic and geek musician who loves cats and loves Celtic music. In 2010, I met a woman while touring along the East coast. Gwen and I got married a few months later. Later that year, we had a baby girl named Kenzie.

We were sort of like the Brady Bunch of cat families. I had two boys. Gwen had two girls. We merged our homes and our cats.

I think it was my boy Tizi who got along with Kenzie best early on. He always wanted to be a lone cat in a human household. He was very patient with the grabbing little baby and toddler. Tizi passed away last year.

It was Jenga who best took Tizi's place. She's not so relaxed as he was, but she loves being the center of attention. Jenga is a hefty and friendly tuxedo cat. Gwen found her mewing, abanonded under a car in New Orleans many years ago. She was tiny, and her head was so big Jenga would fall over. Now she spends a lot of time with Kenzie fighting for that attention that Kenzie is happy to give.

Rainy is sort of the mother cat. She's a beautiful Siamese that Gwen bought with an ex. She didn't want to buy a cat, but they did. The little princess followed Gwen around the house and has been her little girl ever since.

There you go. Now I can step back into the shadows of kitty greatness as you get to experience the wonder and excitement of The Dubliners' Tabby Cats.

"This is your CD. I just heard a friend's copy and laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. No Irish drinking song is sacred to this crew. If you like cat songs and crazy parodies are you thing, this is a CD you will want to own. And yes, I do think it's listenable beyond the first novelty value."
-R. Kyle


Irish Pub Songs CompanionI should tell you I'm a big folk song preservationist. While I love to create our Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers CDs, I also like you to know what songs I parodied. Thus was born the Companion albums.

The newest Companion CD features all of the original songs that were parodied on our second CD, Whiskers in the Jar, as well as track or two from the Live album. It's a compilation of fun, traditional Irish songs.

Now if you own my solo CD Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day, then you may already own most of these songs. However, I'm excited to have the album available dedicated to you and other fans of The Dubliners' Tabby Cats. So I hope you will enjoy it!

Adopt the New Cat CD Now!

Oh! FYI. There is one song that is currently exclusive to this recording. That is the original version of "Molly Malone". I hope to release that on another solo CD in the future though.

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That's it. It's nice and simple. Thanks so much for your support of The Dubliners Tabby Cats. Next time, you will once again hear from Torre or one of the other band members.


To love is human. To purr, divine. Mew!
-Marc Gunn
and Torre Gunn, lead meower of The Dubliners' Tabby Cats




Torre is a tabby cat and lead meower. Jenga is a large tuxedo cat. Rainy is beautiful Siamese princess. They own a simple-minded human named Marc Gunn, a Celtic geek musician and podcaster who writes cat songs.

The main reason they bother to keep him around is because he entertains them now and then and isn't too hard to take care of. They all perform together with The Dubliners' Tabby Cats.