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Tiziano Left for Catnipping Green Today

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Rest in peace in Catnipping Green, my sweet boy.My Dear Friend,

Tiziano left for Catnipping Green this morning.

I want to thank you and everyone who sent their kind words and generous thoughts towards my boy. I loved Tizi so much. He will forever be in my thoughts and a part of the music I've made. I hope he touched you nearly as much. These CDs wouldn't exist without Tizi.

While I'm a total mess and in tears today, I'm thankful that I wrote him a song that is truly his own and reflects my love. The song is called "Tiziano Gunn". I want you to download it for free on CD Baby. It's a beautiful glimpse of his quirky character and sweet demeanor. I hope you will play it often. I know I will to remember my sweet baby boy.

If you care to show your appreciation for his music, I hope you'll consider making a donation to your local cat shelter. If you don't have one, I'm partial to Thundering Paws in Austin, Texas. You can donate in the name of Tiziano Gunn.

Your cat loving friend,

To love is human. To purr, divine. Mew!
-Torre Gunn, lead meower of The Dubliners' Tabby Cats

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TnT are two tabby cat brothers who own a simple-minded human named Marc Gunn, a Celtic geek musician and podcaster that writes cat songs. The main reason they bother to keep him around is because he entertains them now and then and isn't too hard to take care of. They all perform together with The Dubliners' Tabby Cats.