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"I just had to tell you - What a wonderful CD! I'm an incurable cat lover and had to buy it the minute I saw/heard it! I have 6 cats (I know - overkill - they have 12-step programs for people like me but I'm firmly in denial. I can stop anytime. Really.) and we all love what we've heard so far (I only just ordered the CD, so we have been listening to the songs on the site). Marc - you're the man I've been looking for all my life - talented, funny, intelligent AND a cat lover. Any chance you have a much older single brother who is just like you? Anyway, I think my favorites are Furagone's Wake, I'll Tell My Cat, and The Cat Came Back - but it's early days yet to make such a difficult decision! Your site and your CD made my day. As soon as the CD gets here, I'm taking it over to my mother's (also a cat lover - possibly some kind of genetic pre-disposition) so she can hear it. Keep up the good work!"
— Connie

"Hi Marc! I'm a kitty... aren't I a pretty baby? And WOW, you should hear me PUUURRRR!!!! I have a GREAT purrr! I'm pretty smart, too! When my Mommy asks me if I "want milk"?, I go crazy, chirping, and meowing...and my little eyes never leave the milk container. I also LOVE to cuddle! And sometimes, I give my Mommy head and neck massages, when I sense that she is having trouble getting to sleep. She really likes that, and goes to sleep right away then. I LOVE your music! I asked Mommy to stop spending all her money on cat toys, and save some to buy your Kitty Kat CD... PS: My name is "Sandy"...and I always answer to my name and "want milk?". "MEeeooOOWWW Baby"!!! "
— Sandy, New Jersey

"I picked up your CD @ Things Celtic last weekend & I absolutely LOVE it!!  I found myself humming "A Cat Named Rover" at work--what a fun song!  One of my favorites is "Catnipping Green".  It brought a tear (ok, several tears) to my eye to picture the elderly cat going off on his final voyage.  Luckily, my kitties are used to me crying over a good song!"
— Jennifer C., Dallas, Texas

"So my neighbor came over yesterday... I had gifted her a copy of IDSfCL a couple months ago and she and her 9 year old daughter play it in their minivan wherever they go! She came to tell me that they had it playing when they dropped the van off to the Toyota dealership for service one day, only to be met with some odd looks and questions like "You like this music?" "Of course! We love it!" they replied.
When they came to pick up the van after servicing, the fellows in the service bay were all meowing along with the tunes playing in the van. "
— Jen CB, Texas

"Hi Mark my name is Sausage I am the CEO of www.kittenadoption.ie based here in the republic of Ireland go on have a look at Jan's (She is my humans) website I am featured on there ain't I a stunner anyway we need a patron who loves cats, just bought your CD and I chose you.She said Bono(: What ya say. Love n stuff the Sausage"
— The Sausage, Ireland

"I happened upon your site by accident (a happy accident) when looking for cat type lyrics to sing to a friends' cat on their answering machine. I fell in love with the website and decided to purchase the CD - I'm playing it as I type this! I am going to purchase a few more copies of this CD and send them to some of my friends who are owned by felines! My friends think I'm nuts - that may be, but I am a kitty lover! You should contact a humane society that rescues cats to see if they would adopt your CD for their cat rescue pursuits! Take care and catnip for all the kitties!"
— Joan, Long Island, NY

"I love animals with all my heart, especially cats. And as I was surfin' the web I found this cute little Cat Dinking Song CD and I thank God above there was an Irish guy that could sing and loved cats enough to make a CD about it. I LOVE THIS!!! I LOVE MARC FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!"
— Hope Atchison, Jackson, Alabama

"I think you're doing a tremendous job with the Cat Lovers podcasts...it is great to hear a real person on the internet talk live and candidly about their love of their pets. Keep up the good work, Marc and a happy belated birthday."
— Edward Burke, www.wwpv.org, Colchester, VT

"Have just received your CD from CD Baby. Wonderful! I Think you've got your youngest fan... my 2 years old daugther how wants your music everytime we're travelling in car (400 km) to visit her "mamy-chat" (grand-mother cat lover) :-) And now she's singing your songs :-) Where can we find the texts of your songs? Our family is cat lovers. We have 1 "fancy" siamese and 1 "tought" Tabby cat like the one of the cover of your CD -> maybe it's why my daughter first have been attracted by your CD. Thanks again for your music. Waiting for your next CD and folks, excuse my bad english, i'm french canadian :-)))"
— Dominique Dufour, Gatineau, Qc. Canada

"I love your songs! I love cats!"
— Valéria de Freitas C Camargo, Brasil

"I made my husband cry with your cd! He saved his fourth cat this December from a busy freeway and now we have as many people as we do cats in our home! My husband Craig obtained his Irish dual citizenship last year and loves his heritage. He also is quite fond of a good beer and a cute drinking song so the CD was perfect. We will both be volenteering at the Irish festival in March at Fair park and wanted to know if you would be performing? Keep us up to date! Love the Lord of the Pounce! I had dogs growing up. Hubby has made a lover outta of me! We would love to buy you a beer at the festival! let us know!"
— Craig and Falicia Cartwright, Grand Prairie, Texas

"Hi well I`m a cat lover and my friend Kristie just gave me a copy of the Cat Drinking Songs for cat lovers. And I loved it! I hope that you get a second album out because my cats Mr Tinkles, Tom,Rastis and Smokie like it too. Everytime I sing one of the songs well they start rubbing on me. I click to get my cats to come to me what do you do?"
— Courtney Foster, Penrith New South Wales

"While writing my senior paper on American music, focusing on Bluegrass I stumbled on your site while reseaching the autoharp. After I discovered the "Cat Drinking Songs" free music on this website the day was shot. I spent the rest of the day listening to the cat songs and exploring your site. I'm a musician in a Celtic rock band (and familiar with every traditional song on the CD.) in the NE region of the US. I love all felines! They're all the same, whether he is a Tiger or a Maine Coon. As a child, there was always a cat in the house, and as a husband / father, my family includes a cat who we love. As a celtic musician and a cat lover I think the CD is brilliant! I've been to a few cat shows and played many Irish festivals. If you can fuse the two events together, they won't be able to press the CDs quick enough."
— Brian, New Jersey

"Lady Isis, Miss Kaizen, Darren and I have about played the CD to death! I gave my other CD to my mother who has ALSO played her CD a bit too much! Love it, thank you! I'm glad I could play a part (even though it was small) in the release of such an awesome musical wonder! Wow! Meow!"
— Darren & Amanda, Isis & Kaizen Kittens, Ohio

"You are insane, I love the look of the web site and your CD."
— Deborah Shaw, Canada

*gushes unabashedly* Oh my gosh - I don't even know where to start! It's great!! :-) The lyrics are witty and wonderful, the arrangements are well-balanced, and the whole thing is just loads of fun! Thank you for another great CD! I have a few friends who simply MUST hear this! ;-) (My cat is giving me strange looks for squee-ing...)
— Jo AppleBlossomTru

"Amanda and I have been listening to the new CD and have really enjoyed it.  My favorite song is "Black Is The Color" followed closely by "Cats Chasing Butterflies".  Amanda, and her slightly twisted sense of humor, really enjoyed "The Cat Came Back" and "The Demented Cat Game".  All four cats came into the family room while we were listening to the CD and became very friendly and wanted to play with us.  Amanda is sure that they were drawn by the music and thinks you could be the Pied Piper of cats.  We are both convinced that you have a hit with cats and cat lovers alike with this album.  You have really captured the nature of the feline spirit with your lyrics and anyone who has ever loved a cat will feel a connection to this CD. Best of Luck!"
— Sara Carman

"Very funny and very cute!"
— Emily, United Kingdom

"Love it! I thought I was wierd cause I just made a song called wayfaring Tomcat a while back Glad I found this site, I love cats too, and tend to spoil them though.
— Stan Williams, www.stanwilliamsmusic.com

"My cat and I loved listening to this. My cat found he also likes a nice cup of tea and crumpets with his music. Just the other day he was telling me all the fun he and his catty pals had listening to this purr-tastic CD."
— Mr Mistoffolees

"What a great idea! I absolutely LOVE the music I've heard so
far, and can't wait to get the whole disk! Wonderful lyrics, and a
hilariously good time. I've been telling all my cat friends about this~ >^..^<"
— Michelle of the Manor Meow, New York

"I absolutely love the songs and I just let them play over and over on my computer. Can't wait to hear the full CD. I am in awe of the clever and heartwarming lyrics and the talent of the artist who wrote and sings them, a man who obviously loves and appreciates the the finer attributes of THE CAT!"
— Dorothy/Webmom of the Salt City Cat Club

"So I was pointed to the "Wild Kitty" song by a friend. It's hilarious! Well done! Just had to say that, I'm still trying to get over the giggle fits :D your music is wonderful, very talented"
—Davona Struthers

"This is the best-sounding Marc Gunn CD yet! A must-have for anyone who loves cats, hates cats--or heck--even knows what a cat IS."

"Meow Meow Meow Meow! I smell a hit: it's got the distinct overtones of ripe milk and whiskey. (P.S. the hiss made me snort)"
—Zuzu Petals

"I LOVE 'Wild Kitty'! What a fun song!"

"I was listening to 'Wild Kitty' from your Irish Cat Drinking Songs CD, and while I was listening, my orange tabby cat Puff jumped up on the table and started rubbing her head on the computer tower and purring. She especially liked the 'meow meow meow meow' in the refrain. So you have my Puff's approval."

"I happened to overhear Lord of the Pounce one day at [a Renaissance] faire, and I am in love! I can't wait to add this CD to my collection!"
—Rie Sheridan, fantasy author of 'Mutiny on the Moonbeam'

"I was playing When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling on your journal, and my cat Amy came running into the room meowing... jumped up and started her happy cuddle... she likes the song... just thought you'd like to know that not only the humans appreciate good music - lol!!!! "
—Dunkler Engel , Cat Lover

"I love this [I'll Tell My Cat] If me gran had heard it before passing, she'd sung it in the pubs for sure, right after The Dundee Cat. As a fellow cat person. Thanks for the laugh."
—Alli, Cat Lover

"Some of those lyrics are hilarious. HOWEVER... You deserve a top rating just for knowing, and hopefully appreciating, the epitome of ALL cats (besides Garfield), CAT, from Red Dwarf !! The ultimate cat!!!"
—Diane Domingo, director, BookShelf Editing Services

"LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! ["Furagone's Wale"] Can't wait for the CD to come out."
Karen Hausenfleck



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